Next-Gen Care: Digital Transformation Elevating Healthcare in Vietnam


A nationwide network of hospitals and clinics in Vietnam partnered with Eurogroup Consulting to undertake a transformative journey, leveraging digital technologies to enhance healthcare delivery across the country.


The healthcare network faced numerous challenges, including disparities in healthcare access between urban and rural areas, outdated healthcare infrastructures, and inefficiencies in patient data management. There was a pressing need to improve the quality of care, patient experiences, and operational efficiency through digital innovation.


Eurogroup Consulting crafted a strategic digital transformation plan focusing on telehealth services, electronic health records (EHR), and AI-driven diagnostic tools. The strategy aimed to extend healthcare accessibility, streamline clinical workflows, and enable data-driven decision-making. Additionally, it proposed the use of mobile health applications to facilitate patient engagement and self-management of health.


The transformation initiative began with an assessment of the current technological infrastructure and healthcare delivery models. Eurogroup Consulting then guided the network through the integration of telehealth platforms, allowing patients in remote areas to access medical consultations. The implementation of a unified EHR system across the network enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of patient care. AI and machine learning technologies were introduced to assist in diagnostics and treatment planning, significantly improving clinical outcomes. Training programs for healthcare professionals ensured smooth adoption and maximization of new digital tools.


To sustain the momentum of digital transformation and maintain a competitive edge, Eurogroup Consulting recommended ongoing investments in technology and innovation, including exploring emerging healthcare technologies such as blockchain for secure patient data exchange. The firm also emphasized the importance of continuous training for staff to keep pace with technological advancements. Strengthening partnerships with tech companies was advised to gain early access to innovative solutions. Engaging patients through digital platforms for feedback and health education was highlighted to enhance patient satisfaction and care.

Engagement ROI

The digital transformation revolutionized healthcare delivery in Vietnam, significantly enhancing access to quality care, especially in underserved rural areas. The adoption of EHR and AI-driven tools improved operational efficiency, reduced errors, and facilitated personalized care plans. Patient engagement and satisfaction soared with the introduction of mobile health applications, leading to better health outcomes and increased trust in the healthcare system. The project not only established the network as a leader in digital healthcare in Vietnam but also contributed to the national agenda of improving public health through technological innovation.