Market Innovators: Transforming Vietnam’s Consumer Goods for Global Appeal


A consortium of Vietnam’s most innovative consumer goods companies, spanning sectors from food and beverage to fashion and technology, embarked on a collaboration with Eurogroup Consulting. The mission was to transform their product offerings and branding strategies to captivate global markets, leveraging Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage and burgeoning innovation ecosystem.


Despite their domestic success, the consortium members faced challenges in scaling their brands internationally. These included differentiating their products in a crowded global market, navigating complex international regulatory environments, and harnessing digital marketing channels effectively. Additionally, there was a pressing need to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and product lines to meet the growing global consumer demand for eco-friendly and ethically produced goods.


Eurogroup Consulting devised a multi-pronged strategy focused on product innovation, digital marketing excellence, and sustainability. This included developing unique products that showcased Vietnamese craftsmanship and innovation, utilizing digital platforms for targeted international marketing campaigns, and implementing green manufacturing processes. The strategy also emphasized storytelling to highlight the unique value proposition of Vietnamese products on the global stage.


The project kicked off with a comprehensive market analysis to identify key trends and opportunities in target international markets. Eurogroup Consulting facilitated innovation workshops to inspire new product ideas and sustainability initiatives. The firm also brought in digital marketing experts to revamp the consortium’s online presence and e-commerce strategies, aiming for a cohesive and compelling brand narrative across all digital touchpoints. Pilot launches of flagship products were conducted in select markets to test consumer response and refine the approach.


To sustain their international growth and brand momentum, Eurogroup Consulting recommended that the consortium continue to invest in innovation, focusing on products that could uniquely represent Vietnam on the global stage. Strengthening the supply chain for sustainability and ethical practices was advised to enhance the brand appeal and comply with international standards. Additionally, the consultancy underscored the importance of continuously adapting digital marketing strategies to engage international audiences effectively and build a loyal global customer base.

Engagement ROI

The strategic initiatives led to a significant breakthrough in international markets for the consortium’s brands, with increased recognition and demand for Vietnamese consumer goods. The focus on sustainability and innovation resonated with global consumers, differentiating the brands in a competitive landscape. The enhanced digital marketing efforts resulted in higher online engagement and sales, further driving the international expansion. Through this transformative collaboration, the consortium not only showcased the potential of Vietnamese consumer goods on the global stage but also set a new benchmark for integrating cultural heritage with modern innovation and sustainability.