Power Shift: Transforming Vietnam into a Renewable Energy Leader

Vietnam’s national energy authority, in collaboration with Eurogroup Consulting, embarked on an ambitious project to transition the country’s energy portfolio towards renewable sources. The initiative aimed to position Vietnam as a leader in renewable energy within Southeast Asia, responding to growing…

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On the Move: Transforming Vietnam’s Transport System for a Sustainable Future

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport, seeking to address the increasing demands of urbanization and the urgent need for sustainable transport solutions, partnered with Eurogroup Consulting for a transformative project. The initiative aimed to revolutionize the country’s transport infrastructure and services, making them…

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Next-Gen Care: Digital Transformation Elevating Healthcare in Vietnam

A nationwide network of hospitals and clinics in Vietnam partnered with Eurogroup Consulting to undertake a transformative journey, leveraging digital technologies to enhance healthcare delivery across the country. The healthcare network faced numerous challenges, including disparities in healthcare access between urban…

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Market Innovators: Transforming Vietnam’s Consumer Goods for Global Appeal

A consortium of Vietnam’s most innovative consumer goods companies, spanning sectors from food and beverage to fashion and technology, embarked on a collaboration with Eurogroup Consulting. The mission was to transform their product offerings and branding strategies to captivate global markets,…

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Efficiency Unleashed: Innovating Vietnam’s Supply Chain Dynamics

A conglomerate of Vietnam’s leading manufacturing companies, spanning sectors from electronics to textiles, engaged Eurogroup Consulting to overhaul their supply chain operations. The goal was to enhance efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in both local and global markets. The consortium was grappling…

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Eco-Rise Vietnam: Transforming Urban Development with Green Building Innovations

A forward-thinking real estate developer in Vietnam, aiming to redefine urban living through sustainability and innovation, partnered with Eurogroup Consulting to lead the green transformation in Vietnam’s booming construction sector. Vietnam’s rapid urbanization presented unique challenges, including environmental degradation, inefficient energy…

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